Tommy Fleetwood Academy

Featuring a wealth of experience, the TFA is here to give youngsters the opportunity to enjoy golf as a fun experience or to hone their skills as a serious up-and-coming golfer.

Here at The Tommy Fleetwood Academy, we offer a structured programme of coaching for junior golfers of all abilities. Our programme is designed to give children of all abilities aged from 4-16 a solid introduction to golf, from beginner through to international competitive level. The classes are divided along age and experience lines. They offer the opportunity to learn a game for life: either just for fun or right through to the highest level of competitive junior golf.

Throughout the programme, we draw inspiration from Tommy’s fantastic swing. Regarded by many knowledgable observers and his peers, as the best golf swing in the world. We have benefitted greatly from Tommy’s technical advice in the creation of the programme and we are modelling our golfers swings on Tommy’s metronomic, repeatable and long-hitting technique.

Tommy has even been known to join in our class challenges when passing by! His unique insights and easy manner with children make the special days when he shows up, live in the junior golfer's minds forever!

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