Gap in your game: part one

Mark Williams

02 May 2022

Plugging a gap in your game can be really hard work, with hours of work put into developing a new skill or strengthening a weakness. One of the bitterest pills to swallow, however, is when you finally fix that gap only to see another one open up. Well, we have a solution that makes that process a lot easier AND ensures the other areas of your game will only get better: Wilson TRIAD golf balls.

Wilson TRIAD golf balls EXPLAINED
Wilson TRIAD golf balls EXPLAINED


Driving the ball crazy distances is commonplace on Tour these days, but the everyday golfer doesn’t always see the same distance improvements. Perhaps the golf ball is the reason, with no better example than the effortless distance of the TRIAD & TRIAD RAW balls. Whichever you prefer, they both travel far with astounding consistency.

Stopping power & greenside spin

You can’t play your best golf if you’re not good around the greens. That makes the ultra-thin cast urethane cover on these golf balls ultra-important. This helps the ball engage with the clubface for longer in your iron & wedge play, giving you more control & spin. Whether your objective is to be more aggressive or simply to find greens consistently, TRIAD balls are your new best friends. Add in the RAW, unpainted option and you’ve got even more consistency.

Wilson TRIAD golf balls wedge-play


Ok, so you’ve launched a peach of a drive down the fairway and executed a beautiful approach shot to give yourself a genuine birdie chance. This is the difference between celebratory fist pumps and dropping to your knees in three-putt agony. You might’ve already noticed the Tri-Balanced construction of Wilson’s design when hitting that approach, but the perfectly-even density has never been more important and effective than when you’re attempting to hole a pressure putt.

Wilson TRIAD golf balls putting

This solution – Wilson’s TRIAD golf ball range – isn’t just a way to plug one gap in your game; it helps you in every area. Whatever part of your game could benefit from a boost, you’ll find the answer in these golf balls. Simply visit us in the pro shop to find out for yourself.

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